Erasmus+ Project; Education for Equity – Update

We are in the process of finalising this collaborative Erasmus + project with our partners in Sweden and Germany. The three years have simply ‘flown by’ and we are really pleased with the final outcomes.

At first progress was slow as we found that we were focusing too much on each country’s cultural differences and got involved in too much detail relating to statistics and national legislation.

In time though we worked together to research the causes of early school leaving and student disaffection. Visits to one another’s schools and training organisations led to the sharing of good practice and this was then cascaded to a wide range of Educational Professionals. Seminars, workshops, study visits and conferences were organised and the EfE website was created to capture our findings and encourage new educational approaches to increase student motivation.

We also produced a short film and published a book which summarises our findings.

Meeting partners face to face gave invaluable time to reflect upon our practice and benefit from the cross fertilisation of ideas.

The three main strands of our work were connected to;

  • How to increase learner motivation by using innovative classroom strategies
  • How to ensure that the needs of every individual learner can be met
  • How to make use of effective partnerships beyond school to secure positive outcomes for young people.

At the final conference held in Uppsala University, Sweden in May 2017;  AVCT were represented by 12 delegates and their feedback demonstrated that the experience was valuable and that the project has been an important source of generating new knowledge.

We encourage you to view the short film on the website or contact Kayleigh Clarke if you would like a copy of the book which provides an overview of all our work and key findings.