About Us

Alt Valley Community Trust was established in 1983 as an educational charity. It has grown consistently, broadened its areas of involvement and extended its spheres of influence. Today it has a turnover of approaching £2m and employs about 60 people.


We began with local Adult Learning sessions and Vocational Training but today our work reaches into the heart of some of Merseyside’s most disadvantaged communities. We have evolved into an organisation that specialises in Community Engagement strategies that create a real sense of pride, wellbeing and esteem.

Our investments in Sports Centres and Health improvement programmes have injected new life into old assets. Education and Training expertise has continued to flourish into an Apprentice Programme that places young people into real work. And finally, our Business Support team works with new and growing small businesses to help secure employment and help them take on more staff.

The Trust has come a long way. The future is every bit as exciting and challenging.

Our Vision

Our mission is not just about making a difference to individual people’s lives, but to contribute towards the creation of sustainable communities and neighbourhood transformation. We do this by:


  • Fostering self-directed change and capacity building to shape a successful and sustainable future.
  • Prioritising equality of opportunity and inclusivity.
  • Creating innovative and inspirational partnerships.
  • Committing to the creation of an enabling society and ensure that social justice lies at the heart of our working practices.
  • Being a challenging organisation which acts as a change agent in local communities.

Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has identified Alt Valley Community Trust as a key factor that has influenced improvement in the North East of Liverpool. Our Social Enterprise (AVCT) has been credited by many as a key reason for improvement in the Alt Valley area. This is partly for its education, training and employment programmes, but also for the Leadership it provides within the community, challenging other service providers to use their resources for maximum local benefit.

Our Approach

Construction Apprentices

The Trust’s approach to solving Community challenges has been developed over 30 years and has these fundamentals at its heart:

  • Being proactive in identifying issues – devising positive action for change
  • Building Partnerships that create multipliers i.e 1+1=3
  • Becoming involved early
  • Empowering the Community to lead their own strategies
  • Growing our own people to lead through example

Our Team

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” – Margaret Mead.

Larkin's Farm

Alt Valley Community Trust has spent over 30 years building a team of leaders who are committed to excellence and strong Community values. Our Managers and Community Champions utilise their passion and commitment to progress, to encourage individuals to develop their skills, further their life opportunities and improve their quality of life.

A Team of 9 Board Directors, 5 Team Managers and a resource base of over 40 staff combine to facilitate:

  • A diverse funding base
  • A wide range of Partnerships
  • An excellent city-wide reputation
  • A strong base of European funded projects
  • Vital and strong relationships with Community organisations – schools, employers, colleges, council and more
  • Innovative interventions
  • A dynamic and strong asset base

Our Associates & Partners

Without our Partners we cannot succeed; they are vital to the formulation of our projects and their ultimate success.

Partnerships, old and new, are always being fostered and encouraged and we remain keen to explore how Community based projects can be created and funded through innovative working relationships, the likes of which we have always valued.

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Our Community

Map of Alt Valley footprint & building locations

  1. Registered Office – The Communiversity, Altcross Road, Croxteth, Liverpool, L11 0BS Tel: 0151 546 5514
  2. North Liverpool Community College, Gillmoss Lane, Croxteth, Liverpool, L11 0BE Tel: 0151 546 6249
  3. Dovecot MAC, Back Dovecot Place, Liverpool L14 9BA Tel: 0151 254 1879 / 228 6446
  4. Creative Business Academy, Back Gillmoss Lane, Croxteth, Liverpool L11 0AY Tel: 0151 545 1347
  5. Home Farm, Croxteth Country Park, Croxteth Hall Lane, Liverpool, L12 0HB Tel: 0151 233 6910
  6. Larkin’s Farm, School Lane, Knowsley, L34 9EN Tel: 0151 546 4662
  7. Croxteth Sports & Wellbeing Centre, Altcross Road, Croxteth, Liverpool, L11 0BS Tel: 0151 548 3421
  8. Walton Sports & Wellbeing Centre, Walton Hall Avenue, Liverpool, L4 9XP Tel: 0151 523 3472