Youth Activities

Below is a collection of all the youth activities we have to offer through Alt Valley. Interested? Please get in touch below or email

Acting for Stage and Screen

Explore the fundamentals of acting techniques for both stage and screen productions.

Film Techniques and Continuity

Learn about various film techniques and the importance of continuity in film production

Creative Writing for Stage and Screen

Develop your skills in crafting compelling narratives for both stage plays and screenplays.

Physical Theatre

Dive into the world of physical theatre, learning about combative techniques and choreography.

Stage and Set Design

Discover the art of stage and set design, including principles of design, set construction, and stage decoration.

Lighting and Tech Workshop

Gain insights into stage lighting techniques and technical aspects of theatre production.

Sound Engineering Basics

Learn the fundamentals of sound engineering, including equipment setup, microphone placement, and sound mixing

Introduction to Video Production

Explore the basics of video production, including camera operation, shot composition, and editing techniques.

Music Production Essentials

Learn the art of song writing, from lyric writing to melody composition, and create your own original songs

Song writing Workshop

Learn the art of song writing, from lyric writing to melody composition, and create your own original songs.

Dance Technique and Choreography

Improve your dance technique and learn how to choreograph your own dance routines.

Creative fusion

As an added bonus, immerse yourself in our Creative Fusion Sessions! These sessions go beyond traditional workshops, integrating elements of music, film, theatre, and dance into an unforgettable collaborative experience.

Join us as we bring together diverse skills and talents, allowing our young members to explore and develop their creativity across multiple artistic disciplines. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of extraordinary performances that bring the stage to light!

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