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Welcome to Alt Valley Creatives: Where Creativity Fuels Innovation!

Alt Valley Creatives is a dynamic force dedicated to bridging the gaps in arts provision and opportunity. Founded with a clear vision: to transform the way our community engages with the arts by offering a diverse range of dynamic and transformative sessions.

We believe in the power of creativity to inspire, educate, and uplift. That’s why we provide an unrivalled selection of workshops tailored to all types of creative interests and aspirations. From the stage to the screen, from music to film, from writing to photography, our sessions cater to individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Alt Valley Creatives transcends mere workshop provision; we’re a vibrant movement. Here, we uphold artistic expression as a fundamental tool, empowering individuals to delve into their creative potential to the fullest extent.


Creative Development Manager: leading strategic planning and execution.

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Jimmy is a thriving musician and actor, starting his creative journey with Alt Valley eleven years ago. Jimmy was inspired to go on and complete his acting degree at JMU and is currently playing in an upcoming band, supporting some big named bands throughout the country. He will be leading on acting and film techniques, and ensuring that all our young people are audition ready

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Sally has a deep-rooted connection to Alt Valley, carrying on a family legacy shaped by her grandparents’ involvement in the original school occupation in the 1980s. Having obtained her performing arts degree at LIPA, Sally is now an aspiring playwright and actor, bringing a wealth of talent and passion to her creative pursuits. Her diverse experiences and dedication to the arts make her a valuable asset to our team.

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Anthony brings a wealth of skills to Alt Valley Creatives, spanning guitar teaching, sound engineering, video production, and music composition. With 15 years of guitar experience, he imparts fundamental skills to beginners. As a qualified sound engineer, Anthony excels in both live and studio settings, while his proficiency in audio and video editing enhances project outcomes. Anthony manages video production projects from start to finish, covering filming, directing, and post-production. Anthony’s passion for music and song writing enriches the team’s creative endeavours.

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Jolita brings diverse artistic expertise to our team, blending music production, performance, and visual arts seamlessly. As a seasoned musician, she creates captivating melodies and harmonies, while her visual artistry enhances immersive experiences.

Jolita’s skills extend to education, where she empowers others through dynamic workshops and classes in music theory, sound design, and improvisation. A collaborative force, she nurtures connections across creative disciplines.

Together, we’re offering possibilities. Possibilities for growth, connection, and transformation.

Join us at Alt Valley Creatives and be a part of something extraordinary! To enrol onto your creative journey, please contact:

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