Walton Sports Centre

Walton Sports Centre was taken over by Alt Valley in 2013, and has since become a very popular facility. Situated in Walton Hall Park, the centre boasts a range of exercise classes, including the increasingly popular yoga, Pilates, fitness assessments, and weight management courses.

Opening Hours

MON: 08:00am – 20:00pm
TUES: 08:00am – 20:00pm
WED: 08:00am – 20:00pm
THURS: 08:00am – 20:00pm
FRI: 08:00am – 14:00pm
SAT: 08:30am – 13:00pm
SUN: 08:30am – 13:00pm


Walton Hall Avenue, L4 9XP


07895 856 881

Our facilities

Walton Sports Centre boasts a fully equipped gym, a large sports hall and astro pitches outside.


Sports Hall

Astro Pitches

Class timetable

Class timetables are likely to change from time to time, please check social media for any immediate updates to the below timetable.








8:45am Pure Abs 8:45am Booty Burner 8:30am Yoga 8:45am Pure Abs 8:45am Metafit 8:30am Spinning 9:15am Spinning
9:15am Spinning 9:15am Spinning 9:15am Spinning 9:15am Spinning 9:15am Spinining 9am-12pm Diddikicks age 18months-5yrs 9am-12pm Diddikicks age 18months-5yrs
9:30am Power Circuit 9:30am HIITStep 9:30am Metafit 9:30am KettleHIIT 9:30am 3in1 CLASS
10:15am Boxlift 10:15am Circuit 10:15am Weighted Pump 10:15am Boxing Circuit 11am Gym Circuit
1:30pm Booty Burner 1:30pm Metafit 11:15am Chair Based Fitness 11am Yoga/Pilates
4:30pm PowerSpin 4pm Dance 3-7 5:30pm 3in1 CLASS mix of weights & cardio 1:30pm HIITStep
5:30pm KettleHIIT 4:45pm Dance 8-11 5:15pm Gym Circuit
6pm Circuit 5:30pm Dance 12+ 7pm RavinFit
5:30pm Yoga
6:30pm HotYoga

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