Debbie’s Story Time

The Covid-19 situation has meant that our libraries and other facilities have had to close, which has meant a number of the popular services and groups these libraries provide to the public have also had to stop until further notice. Employee’s of Alt Valley have been delivering a variety of services around the city as a response to this situation and one that has become popular is the Story Time’s that have been frequently posted every week.

Debbie Stokes, an employee at Breck Road Library, is known to all that come in to the building. Since the start of lockdown, she has been recording regular Story Time’s through Facebook Live to keep children entertained and has received an incredible response to the weekly showings.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Debbie reads a book (two, if you’re lucky) chosen by herself and proceeds with various shoutout’s to those watching who range from regulars of the Breck Road library and beyond. If you’d like to watch live on Facebook, follow Alt Valley on Facebook.

Many children’s classics and favourite have been read so far including the Gruffalo:

Other titles include:

  • The Tiger Who Came for Tea
  • When the Library Lights Go Out
  • Prince and the Porker
  • The Gruffalo’s Child

and more more children’s favourites, there’s definitely something your child will love listening to.

As well as her work for Alt Valley, Debbie also works as a steward for the Kop at Liverpool Football club. Employee’s at the club were asked to nominate a member of staff who they believe that are a Covid-19 Hero through the work they have done for others during this time.

Debbie added:

‘I however do not think I am a hero. But the feedback I get from doing story time has been brilliant, from both adults and children’

The response on Facebook has indeed been great, with hundreds over viewers and engagements over the past couple weeks, her story time’s continue to be as popular as ever.

We’d like to express our thanks to Debbie for delivering this incredible service, week in week out, and wish her good luck with the award!

We might even be lucky enough to continue Story Time’s online after the covid situation is over and done with, we know many will be happy with that!

You can view all of the previous recordings on our website:

If you have any videos yourself that you would like to share with the community, please get in touch using our contact form.

~Alt Valley

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