February 2020 – Website Updates, Timetables & Additions

February hosts a number of changes and updates for the community, courses, website and elsewhere under the umbrella that is AVCT.

If you’re a regular to the website you’ll notice the large amount of changes made over the past month, hopefully making the website more accessible, user-friendly and offering more information about the things relevant to you – most notably the addition of the following timetables:

The various Lifestyles timetables which show all the latest classes, times and current discounts/offers that are available at the Lifestyles Centres.

The libraries we utilise at Alt Valley, which you may know, host a plethora of weekly groups and drop-ins, for adults and children alike including book clubs, groups to help you stop smoking, health groups, social groups and many more. These can now all be seen under one page, with information about each of these groups at Croxteth, Dovecot MAC and Breck Rd. Libraries.

The third additional timetable to the website is for the ongoing education courses which are mainly taking place at Alt Valley Skills Centre. Hairdressing, Construction, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and many more courses are added, which are Roll-on Roll-off, meaning you can join any time of year, providing you’re eligible.

Other areas that have been updated include the homepage of Alt Valley, Making it easier to get to the places you need.

That’s it for February!

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